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If Aura owes you a commission and sends you a refund, this should clear up any questions. -->
Update -- I'm sending refunds using the same PayPal address as the money was paid to. In case anyone is questioning as to why I'm using Amuro's address.
AuroraFinn and I have been through many struggles in the year of 2014. I can't say it's been any better for InsaneRoman... It was a hard year for us all.

Some of you may have noticed, Tumblr is currently the only place where I am active right now. Aurora and Roman aren't active anywhere due to lack of Internet and, for Aurora, too much stress. I've been where she is so I understand it from a personal standpoint and won't get into her situation, but I know she plans to be back soon, whether it be permanent or temporary. She has a lot of finished art to get to her commissioners. Whether she plans to stay or not is up to her.

It has been a process for me. All of the bad started when I first was introduced to the internet. Clearly I have an organization problem. And for awhile, my personal life influenced my work. And, it still does, to an extent.

I have goals set. I'm hoping to knock out all of this by 2015. If not all, most of it.

As for my official comeback, I am undecided as to where. I do have another account made here on deviantART. A new one. It is a personal account meant for personal art. I still use AmuroNova as my "business" name... I'd prefer to not have 2 deviantART accounts to run, if I decide to open commissions here again. I'll have more information on that when 2015 gets here.

As for my current queue, as stated above, I'm hoping to get all of that out of the way this year and no longer put it off. That means that I WILL be contacting people once again to confirm a mailing address. I'm sure people are put out with me by now and not expecting much out of me but eh, I'm doing what I can. I'd like for people to believe that I've grown up.


deviantART Commission Queue: 2010 - 2013
commissions/trades accepted through deviantART from 2010 to early 2013

Working through my queue now. Contacting people as I go.

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Thank you very much for the watch! Much appreciated, it's a honour to know you liked my works! )
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Get well soon!
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I hope you are ok.
Have a nice week. =)
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